Wedding Party


Maid of Honor

This girl is my number one, ride or die! Even though we've known each other for a short time, she is my other half. My blonde to my bruneete. I met Katelyn at the Large Animal Hosiptal at the Univeristy of Flordia, we both started as stall cleaners and instantly connected; bonded over our love of animal and share many similiarities that made our relationship grow! Began as tech buddies complaining about work to become true friends and one of my soul sisters! You are the most crazy, loving, and passionate person I know, I truely belive we make each other better people! I'm so excited to have you as my right hand lady and to stand with me on my speical day like I stood with you on yours!


Best Man

Everyones favorite boy, nay, Eagle Scout. Pat has been losing to me in 1-on-1 and Ping Pong since the days back at Johnson Middle School. Him and I really hit it off on the high school tennis team, and have never looked back. He is the best friend a guy can have, 1/4 of the Salty Virgins Club podcast, and I could not be happier to have him standing with me as my best man.



PAM! Pamela is one the most genuine, down the earth, and caring individuals I've even met. Our paths crossed at the Large Animal Hospital (LAH) where she became a part of our work family and one of my best friends! She's the type to drop everything to help a friend or anyone at that matter. She's an old soul who I easily connected with! She's a big part of my heart but don't get on her bad side because she'll kick your ass! Having her stand by my side on my big day is so important to me, she'sa friend but also my sister!



Another member of the SVC podcast, I met Jordan all the way back in summer band camp going into 7th grade. Not gonna lie, I did not like him for a few years. However, Jordan is the kind of guy that takes a little warming up to. We really hit our stride in high school and he has been one of my closest friends ever since. He's sarcastic, blunt, and an incredibly loyal friend. He is also going to law school so dont piss him off or he may sue you.



Krystal is my older and only sister! She's been picking on me from day one, however she has taught me so much about life and about our biggest shared interest; horses. Even though there is a ten year age gap betweenn us, I know I can always come to her if I need back up. She's a big supporter of mine and I'm excited to have her as a part of my wedding party!



Kyle is Kayla's little brother and it's a little scary how often people confuse us. Although he is 4 whole years younger, he has been as big and as tall as me for pretty much the entirity of mine and Kayla's relationship. Kyle is the perfect blend of goofy, funny, and sensible. Throughout our time together, I have grown rather close with Kyle, and am so happy to be able to call him my brother and friend.



Kara is Kevin's little sister, so I've known her for as long as Kevin and I have been together. Over the years, family gatherings, vactions, and many game nights, Kara and I have become closer! Even though there are only 2 years between us in age, I feel like I have watched Kara grow into a successful young woman! I'm so happy to finally have a little sister!



If I were to try and give an example of the nicest person on this planet, Brandon would be one of the first examples to come to mine. We met back in middle school, and grew very close in our high school days. We spent so much time together that we essentially became a part of each others' families. After all of the hours spent playing fifa, basketball, and really any other activity we could be competitive at, it's honestly amazing that we were still able to be friend. That just speaks to our bond as friends and brothers, and I couldn't imagine standing up there on my big day without him by my side.



Courtney has always been my little partner in crime! Since Johnson band to now, I know I can always count on her. Even though at times we've been seperated by distance we always remained close, being able to pick up our friendship right where we left off! Courtney is a true friend, and has been advocate for my relationship with Kevin since day one; when she heard about the our enagagment, I recieved a snapcat of just her squealing with joy (no words)!



Lucas and I have known each other for many, many years now. We date all the way back to Civic Center basketball leagues and elementary school bowling alley lock-ins. Him and Brandon lived together in college for a while and I can honestly say some of my favorite weekends ever came from visiting them. We have stayed close friends for such a long time and I am excited to see what the future holds for us!



Megan is another LAH friend for life! She was actually my replacement on the floor at work when I switched to on call and headed back to school! I got the pleasure of training her and I swear I was going to scare her away, however we ended up bonding as work buddies and became close friends. Even though we've only known each other for a short time I feel like she's more of a sister to me then a old work friend! We always have a great time together and I'm grateful to have her as a part of our special day!



Jeff is honestly the definition of a day one. We date all the way back to early elementary school. It used to be almost a daily routine to come home from school, finish homework, and ride my bike to Jeff's house. His picture would be right next to Brandon's in the dictionary definition of nicest person ever. Jeff is also a huge reason that Kayla and I are even together. I was at his house in the summer between 9th and 10th grade and I got a notification that it was Kayla's birthday. I debated back and forth on texting her and what to say, and it was Jeff that urged me to just reach out. We started talking that day and never really looked back.



His: I don't even know where to start with Christine. I met her freshman year of college and we gradually became closer through having a ton of classes together. She is the person that introduced me to international travel with a Spring Break trip to Costa Rica, and she put up with me for an entire month backpacking Thailand! Christine is truly one of my closest friends, the kind of person willing to give the shirt off her back if you need it, and she is the perfect person the officiate our wedding.
Hers: I met Christine through Kevin and we quickly became close. Even though we didn't get to spend as much time together as we'd like, I still constider her to one of my best friends! Kevin and I debated over whose side she'd be standing on, and agreed that she would be the perfect person to officiate our marriage!

Petra Kern